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Elegant and lithe, the Russian-bred Borzoi is a sighthound with a distinct domed muzzle and silky coat. Also known as the Russian Wolfhound, the breed would hunt dangerous prey with its powerful, slender form. Matching the strength of its quarry and unmatched in speed, the Borzoi is unrivaled on the hunt.


Borzoi Gallery

Adjustable Fit

Each suit includes a handmade adjustable vest which enables the arms to be worn by a wide range of body types.

The arm length is fitted to 27" (Measured from armpit to fingertip) and can be adjusted up to 30".

The bicep circumference is 12" while the wrist is 10".

The interior of the head is lined with a flexible custom Zweitesich lycra with an inner circumference of is 23".

Borzoi Sizing
Borzoi Included Work

When you purchase a Zweitesich suit, you will receive an assembled package containing the following:

  • Zweitesich head & arms

  • Tailored undervest

  • Gold tone Zweitesich badge cast from the remaining metal supplies used to create the suit

  • Certificate of authenticity

  • Custom branded folio

  • Ink illustration of the suit

  • All original artwork and concept sketches of the suit

  • Three-view reference sheet of the completed suit vision

  • Complimentary shipping within the United States

  • Custom matching ascot




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